Welcome to the world of AnSky! We are so glad you dropped by. The AnSky family of properties spans two entirely separate grids. Probably the more familiar grid is Second Life, where we run the Club AnSky SL, a Christian dance club. Less-familiar, but also a great place to visit, is the AnSky Grid, a separate virtual world that is just being settled. On the AnSky Grid is the original Club AnSky.


Events are held at both dance clubs. If you are interested in the schedule for the club on the Second Life grid, then please consult the Club AnSky SL calendar. events at the original club are posted on the Club AnSky calendar.


If you are looking for a great place for your virtual home, then please consider the AnSky Grid. Here you will have the chance to see how a virtual world is settled from almost the very beginning. Land is much cheaper than on Second Life, and comes with many more prims than you are allowed there. We particularly welcome those who would help us create places that would attract more visitors, and we can make special accommodations for those people. The AnSky Grid is PG-rated and predominantly Christian. Supervised children are welcome.

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